Course Hours: Wednesday 15:00 - 18:00

Classroom: Dach (5)


Lior Shapira, office in Schreiber 002 (Graphics lab), reception hour Tuesdays 15:00-14:00, email is liors [at] post [dot] tau [dot] ac [dot] il

OpenGL and Exercises - Shy Shalom, email is [at] gmail [dot] com


The exam dates: 8/8/2008 and moed bet 9/9/2008. Here are a few old exams you can look at.

Course Overview

This is a fundamental course in computer graphics. We use the term 'computer graphics' loosely, and include within it almost anything which can be generated and displayed on a computer screen (or some other display device). During the course we will cover as much of these topics as possible:

In addition we will learn go over some linear algebra necessary for 3D graphics, and learn OpenGL, in which we you will implement two or three exercises/projects.


Final test (40%), Three exercises (70%)