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General flow of the application

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I would like to know what exactly did you mean by "general flow of the application" in the software documentation. In the user manual we have already described all the application pages and how to use them.
asked Jan 15, 2018 by edenhayik (640 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Eden - except for the pages themselves, "General flow" of an application usually relates to the relation between the pages and to the end-to-end experience of a user in your application.

You can look at it as some kind of a "How-To-Use" guide for your application.

For example, let's say your app requires a login and registration of a user. An example flow would be:

  1. User enters the website, reaches your home page (Home page screen)
  2. If has no user, registers  (Registration screen)
  3. Logs in (Login screen)
  4. Performs a series of actions in the website (Various screens)
  5. Logs out (Logout button)

Hope this helps! :)

answered Jan 15, 2018 by babygirl55 (10,420 points)