Introduction to Computers for Statisticians - 0365.1800

Shai Gutner (
1st Semester, 2004/5 - Sun 18-20 Ornstein 102, Tue 12-13,15-16 Dan David 204
Tel-Aviv University
Office Hours: Tuesday 16:00-17:00, or by appointment.

This page will be modified during the course.

General Information


Final Grades




Exercises ( including the printout of the source code ) should be submitted either in class
or to my mail box ( box #398, Shrieber building, second floor ).

The source code itself should be placed in your home directory.
For example, the source code file relevant to question 3 of exercise 2 must be named ~/intro2cs/ex2/q3/q3.c.

Before you submit each exercise, you must run a script that compiles all the source code files and gives permission to read and execute them.
For example, before submitting exercise 1, you must run the script /users/courses/intro2cs/05a/compile_ex1.

You can solve exercises in pairs, but you must clearly say who you worked with.
You must write the solution on your own.

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