Introduction to Computers for Statisticians - 0365.1800

Shai Gutner (
1st Semester, 2006/7 - Mon 11-13, Tue 12-14 Ornstein 110
Tel-Aviv University
Office Hours: Tuesday 17:00-18:00, or by appointment.

This page will be modified during the course.

General Information






Detailed concerning the software required for the course can be found here.


Exercises (including the printout of the source code) should be submitted either in class
or to my mail box (box #384, Shrieber building, second floor).

The source code itself should be placed in your home directory.
For example, the source code file relevant to question 3 of exercise 2 must be named ~/intro2cs/ex2/q3/q3.c.

Before you submit each exercise, you must run a script that compiles all the source code files and gives permission to read and execute them.
For example, before submitting exercise 1, you must run the script /users/courses/intro2cs/07a/ex/compile_ex1.

You can solve exercises in pairs, but you must clearly say who you worked with.
You must write the solution on your own.

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