Discrete Mathematics - 0368.1118
Spring 2008

Teacher: Michael Tarsi - tarsi@post.tau.ac.il
T.A.: Sonny Ben-Shimon - sonny@post.tau.ac.il (Office Hours: Thursday 13:00-14:00 by email coordination).

Lecture: Sun 12-14 Kaplun 118, Mon 17-19 Kaplun 118
Exercises: Thu 16-18 Kaplun 118

This page will be modified during the course.

General Information



Exercises should be submitted to Aviyah Peri (box #315, Schrieber building, first floor).
The checked exercises will be returned to room 114, Schrieber buildinng, first floor.


Date and time: 25/07/2008 at 9:00 and 14/09/2008 at 9:00.

No material is allowed to be used in the exam except for this formula sheet.

Exam material consists all topics covered in the course except for

Previous Exams (thanks to Oded Regev for providing it)

New! Exam Solution

Last updated August 05th, 2008