The TCP/IP protocol suite allows computers of all sizes, from many different computer vendors, running totally different operating systems, to communicate with each other. By implementing the TCP/IP protocol (including UDP) suite for the TI-RTOS, we can easily port any application protocol to the launchpad, hence running complex applications in the Launchpad. Moreover (and maybe more trivial), by implementing the TCP/IP suite we can connect the cc2650 to the Internet (WAN instead of PAN), using popular protocols and technologies (i.e: HTTP/s), common clients app (i.e: web browser, web applications).


Project Description

The project was done in steps.

Example Application

We've created an example inspired by the Web's world.
The Web is a relevant and very developed technology these days. We believe that adding to an IOT component web capabilities can increase the interaction of the users and strengthen the power of the developers.
So, we did the following:


Our project's code can be found in the following GIT repoistory.


LWIP's license can be found here.

Future Challenges

Code - Focus on the interesting pieces of our code

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