There’s no need to purchase an expensive dedicated chair.
Our kit can be easily installed inside your office chair to convert it to a SmartChair.
RaspberryPi-based affordable, reliable and energy-efficient solution.


The SmartChair system can be integrated into a chair of any type and shape.
Adjusted to its shape and properties and maximize the information it can provide
Supporting the connection of numerous pressure sensors to every part of the chair
In case of a malfunction, any damaged component can be separately replaced without interrupting system’s functionality.


Hardware is easily configurable to allow calibration of each standalone sensor and the entire system as a whole.
Sensors can be added or subtracted to better suit your needs and the type of your chair.
Using the hardware configuration application it is easy to program the frequency of measures to maintain your desired energy-precision ratio.




Why did we choose a Redis database?
We wanted a key value store so all operations would take O(1) time complexity.

  • There are many writes because each device writes to the database once every 60 seconds. A key value store can append to a key’s value.
  • There are relatively few reads, only occurring when client asks for logs.

The drawback of Blob storage compared to Relational is space consumption. Our compromise was to store the logs in a summarized JSON format without spacing, which generates about 8MB a year per full time employee. This does rely on some extra computing power to sift through logs on the few reads.


The server is built to scale. Utilizing multithreading means all we have to do to scale to many devices is add commodity computing power (or deploy another server instance).

All of our synced operations are O(1) time complexity, except retrieving a device’s logs for a specific time frame which is O(n) (n is the amount of logs for a device).


Sitting data is stored in our secure cloud so you don’t have to worry about it getting lost.

You can always review your sitting position data years back, or download them to have a medical professional review them and pinpoint the most minute problems.

Desktop Client


Our client enables the user to view their posture status.
Whenever there is an error (for example, leaning on the left side) you’ll get a windows notification.
You can also view your daily postures and their difference from your straight posture.
So don’t worry, we’ve got your back!


Git & Documentation

About Us


This project was created as part of an IoT Workshop at Tel Aviv University by Professor Sivan Toledo in collaboration with Microsoft R&D Israel.


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Orr Shilon
Engineer - Server

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Sivan Hizkiev
Engineer - Client

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Michael Palarya
Engineer - Hardware and RPi