Operating Systems

Professor:     Hezy Yeshurun

Teaching assistant:    Mati Shomrat

Email:                          matis@post.tau.ac.il

Room:                         Software Engineering Bldg., Room 209

Office hour:                Thu. 15:00 – 16:00 (by appointment).


Slides and code examples


  1. Introduction [slides] [handouts] [sample code]
  2. Files [slides] [handouts] [sample code]
  3. Processes [slides] [handouts] [sample code]
  4. Inter-Process Communication [slides] [handouts] [sample code]
  5. Virtual Memory [slides] [handouts] [sample code]
    Note: in order to build the sample code you must add psapi.lib to your project's Additional Dependencies.
    See full details in the example itself.
  6. Memory Mapped Files [slides] [handouts] [sample code]
  7. Dynamic Link Libraries [slides] [handouts] [sample code]
  8. Threads [slides] [handouts] [sample code]
  9. Networking [slides] [handouts] [sample code]
  10. Security [slides] [handouts] [sample code]
  11. Exceptions [slides] [handouts] [sample code]


Homework assignments

Submission instructions

 * Name: <your-full-name>
 * Id: <your-id>
 * login: <your-login>
 * Group No: <your-group-number (06|07|08)>
 * Assignment No: <the-assignment-number>
 * IDE Version: <version-od-IDE-used (2003|2008)>

Template files are available (.cpp, .h)


1.      Assignment #1 (files) [sample input] [output]
Due date:
27.5 for the Tuesday group, 5.6 for the Thursday groups.
Make sure that for the sample input your solution produces exactly the same output as above (the order of entries may differ).
This output was produced on a machine with clusters of size 4K. For debugging purposes only make sure this is the value
you use in your computations.

2.      Assignment #2 (IPC)
Due date:
10.6 for the Tuesday group, 19.6 for the Thursday groups.

3.      Assignment #3 (Producer/Consumer)
Due date:
24.6 for the Tuesday group, 3.7 for the Thursday groups.
Create a single solution containing both projects.

4.      Assignment #4 (Producer/Consumer using DLLs)
Due date:
8.7 for the Tuesday group, 13.7 for the Thursday groups.

5.      Assignment #5 (Client/Server)
Due date:
Sunday 27.7 for all groups



Useful links

o       Almost everything we will discuss in class can be found under
MSDN Library Win32 and COM Development System Services