Anat  Bremler Barr

PhD student at Tel-Aviv University under the guidance of:Yehuda Afek

My Ph.D. research is on Gigabit Router Architecture:
IP-lookup, MPLS, QoS, Traffic Engineering.

  Courses -
                1999/2000 Semester B - Operating System
                1999/2000 Semester B - Computer Structure
                1999/2000 Semester A -  Advance topics in IP networks.
                1999/2000 Semester A -  Computer Structure
                1999 Summer semester-  Operating System
                1998 Sumemr semester-  Computer Structures
                1998 Semester A -        Introduction to System Programing
Office:            Open space Schrieber building University
Address:         Dept. of Computer Science,
                         School of Mathematical Sciences,
                         Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv 69978, Israel.
Phone:            +972-3-640-5231