Project Presentation Timetable:




Group No.

Thursday, 8/6/2006


16:30 17:00


17:00 17:30


17:30 18:00


18:00 18:30


18:30 19:00


Friday, 9/6/2006


09:00 09:30


09:30 10:00


10:00 10:30


10:30 11:00


11:00 11:30


11:30 12:00


12:00 12:30


12:30 13:00


13:00 13:30


13:30 14:00





Names of students with no groups yet:


tomerbe1@POST.TAU.AC.IL Tomer Benyamini
natalym@POST.TAU.AC.IL  Nataly mor Cabili
carmelas@POST.TAU.AC.IL Asaf Carmel
svetlan4@POST.TAU.AC.IL Svetlana Chertok
aronfuch@POST.TAU.AC.IL Aron Fuchs
sivanneg@POST.TAU.AC.IL Sivanne Goldfarb
grosmanl@POST.TAU.AC.IL Lior Grosman
guyharar@POST.TAU.AC.IL Guy Harari
michall9@POST.TAU.AC.IL Michal Levo
levyoded@POST.TAU.AC.IL Oded Levy
michaell@POST.TAU.AC.IL Michael Liberman
ronylide@POST.TAU.AC.IL Rony Liderman
assafmei@POST.TAU.AC.IL Assaf Meirovich
mayaorsh@POST.TAU.AC.IL Maya Orshzer
nirrachm@POST.TAU.AC.IL Nir Rachmel
shpinodo@POST.TAU.AC.IL Alexnader Shpinodovs
yoavtebo@POST.TAU.AC.IL Yoav Teboulle




Assigned groups:


Group 1:

evashulm@POST.TAU.AC.IL Eva Shulman

shulmany@POST.TAU.AC.IL Yosefa Shulman

bencoh@POST.TAU.AC.IL Ohad Ben-cohen

eilamguy@POST.TAU.AC.IL Guy Eilam

danielha@POST.TAU.AC.IL Daniel Hanga


Group 2:

yomtova@POST.TAU.AC.IL Yom tov Almozlino

erancoh1@POST.TAU.AC.IL Eran Cohen

itaykirs@POST.TAU.AC.IL Itay Kirshenboum

chengold@POST.TAU.AC.IL Chen Goldberg

morsela@POST.TAU.AC.IL Mor Sela


Group 3:

amitaial@POST.TAU.AC.IL Amitai Alkalay

presmann@POST.TAU.AC.IL Noam Presman

asafisra@POST.TAU.AC.IL Asaf Israel

iradratm@POST.TAU.AC.IL Irad Ratmansky

dayansh@POST.TAU.AC.IL Shay Dayan


Group 4:

omerhezr@POST.TAU.AC.IL Omer Hezroni

idanlavi@POST.TAU.AC.IL Idan Lavie

idanzoha@POST.TAU.AC.IL Idan Zohar

annaselt@POST.TAU.AC.IL Anna Seltzer

davidbra@POST.TAU.AC.IL David Brauman

aviadzuc@POST.TAU.AC.IL Aviad Zuck


Group 5:

eduardgr@POST.TAU.AC.IL Eduard Grinberg

esterkha@POST.TAU.AC.IL Ester Khaitsun

svetlan8@POST.TAU.AC.IL Svetlana Matusov

alisapas@POST.TAU.AC.IL Alisa Paskhis

alexzaid@POST.TAU.AC.IL Alex Zaidman

zvainer@POST.TAU.AC.IL Vainer Zhenya


Group 6:

genedlma@POST.TAU.AC.IL Michael Gendelman

mayapoly@POST.TAU.AC.IL Polyak Maya

lirazbar@POST.TAU.AC.IL Liraz Barak

markkeme@POST.TAU.AC.IL Mark Kemel


Group 7:

hagailev@POST.TAU.AC.IL Hagai Levin

nirgille@POST.TAU.AC.IL Nir Giller

omerzilb@POST.TAU.AC.IL Omer Zilberberg

avivtama@POST.TAU.AC.IL Tamara Aviv

marksand@POST.TAU.AC.IL Mark Sandler


Group 8:

oferfami@POST.TAU.AC.IL Ofer Familier

gozmanma@POST.TAU.AC.IL Maria Gozman

alonnaor@POST.TAU.AC.IL Alon Naor

natalyak@POST.TAU.AC.IL Natalya Kutz

oriyechi@POST.TAU.AC.IL Ori Yechieli


Group 9:

boazanin@POST.TAU.AC.IL Boaz Anin

menache1@POST.TAU.AC.IL Menachem Livne

vyaches1@TAU.AC.IL Slavik Neymer

omrifima@POST.TAU.AC.IL Omri Fima


Group 10:

eransega@POST.TAU.AC.IL Eran Segal

guyfridl@POST.TAU.AC.IL Guy Fridland

shaharga@POST.TAU.AC.IL Shahar Gaziel

maximkus@POST.TAU.AC.IL Maxim Kusher

zahicohe@POST.TAU.AC.IL Zahi Cohen

tavorhai@POST.TAU.AC.IL Tavor Haim


Group 11:

guyso@POST.TAU.AC.IL Guy Solomon

harelas1@POST.TAU.AC.IL Harel Assaf

yonishte@POST.TAU.AC.IL Yoni Shtein

levtsinb@POST.TAU.AC.IL Lev Tsinbler

yuvalshw@POST.TAU.AC.IL Yuval Shwartz

assafsht@POST.TAU.AC.IL Assaf Shtilman


Group 12:

ofiryose@POST.TAU.AC.IL Ofir Yosef

dolevd@POST.TAU.AC.IL Dolev Dori

kabalizo@POST.TAU.AC.IL Zohar Kabali

maxshifr@POST.TAU.AC.IL Max Shifrin

oferzina@POST.TAU.AC.IL Ofer Zinar