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HW 3 Question 2f execution plan description is very vague

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Hi all,

In HW3 question 2, part f, we are asked to describe a plan, however the description given in the solution is very vauge as to how the retrieval and probing of the tables is done and its cost.

If it is possible I would like a more elaborate explanation regarding the retrieval of tuples from Dept and the probing of Proj and their respective costs.

asked Feb 4, 2018 by uribracha (3,110 points)
edited Feb 4, 2018 by uribracha
I can't answer here on specific questions from previous exams , but I welcome other students to do so! good luck :-)
This is a question from THIS years homework...
In the forum (as oppose to office hours) I can only answer focused technical questions, and I can't solve questions/explain the solutions from HWs or previous exams.

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