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bins / neighborhoods / routine at question 1

+5 votes
  1. can you please elaborate on "Each facility has a list of bin types that are present in the facility"? do we need to know how many of each or just the types that exist in that facility?
  2. can an employee (collector / driver) be assigned to a routine not in his neighborhood? can a truck?
  3. what is the identifier key for the routine? can we add an attribute for that? (routine id / routine time)
  4.  why is there a list of facilities in the neighborhood for a routine? isn't it constant for each neighborhood? 
  5. driver can be assigned to only one routine - in what way? if a driver is assigned to a routine it means hes "busy" until the routine is canceled?
asked Dec 13, 2017 by michael (250 points)
Hi please refer to the remarks at the bottom of the question description.

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