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Computational Neuroscience 0368.3013.01

given by Prof. H. Yeshurun

The checked projects will be put in the mail room, Schriber 114, in Computational Neuroscience cell.
The grades for the 2nd exercise are available here. The grading was as follows:
Stereo calculations: 10
Shape Identifications: 10
Sequence correlation: 10
Robustness: 10    (extra points for dealing with problematic inputs).
Run: 20    (V = OK;    X = failed to run even on the original input).
Penalty was no more than 25.

The final score of the project was:
Min {100, 3 x (Stereo calculations + Shape Identifications + Sequence correlation ) + Robustness + Run - Penalties }

The final grade for the course was:
0.2 x ex1 + 0.8 x ex2

Your grades for 1st exercise are here.
You can get your exercise back from my mail box (Oded Schwartz, 3rd floor, Schriber building).

Exercise #1

Exercise #2