Procedural Issues:

1. All the exercises will count in calculating the average grade of your exercises, however, each of them may carry a different weight.


2. Exercises will be submitted in pairs.


3. Exercises should be submitted to the mail box of Oded Schwartz located at Schreiber building, 1st floor, until 4pm of the due date.


4. The graded exercises will be returned to the (incoming) mail box of the course located in room 114, Schreiber building.

5.  The files that appear here are in postscript  and pdf  formats.

*      On Unix machines postscript files can be viewed using ghostview, and printed using the lpr command.

*      Postscript files can be viewed on a pc using this software.

*      PDF files can be viewed on a pc using this software.

*      Refer to the advisors (system at Schreiber building 640-8823) for further counseling regarding these issues.


6. Please make sure you read the News page and the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ and the  news’ pages once again before you submit an exercise.

These pages will be updated from time to time.


7. Handing in printouts or making any changes in the files after the deadline is not accepted. In cases of army service, or illness of one of the group members you automatically get an extension 1.5 times the period it took. In such occasions you do not need to ask, just attach a copy of the relevant certificate to the documentation.



1. Language: MATLAB only. Please use the following version: UNIX 6.5.1, available on nova server.

If you use other versions (such as the PC: 6.5.0 available at the computers labs at Schreiber building, ground floor) make sure it runs properly on the former platform, before submission. Note that the same function in different versions may behave differently.


2. Please give meaningful names for your variables, functions and subroutines, and add remarks to your code to make it readable and clear.


3. Avoid loops whenever possible. Use matrix operations instead. This will make your Matlab programs faster.



Carefully test you program before submission. Any of the following is unaccepted:

*      Program crash

*      Bugs

*      Permissions

*      Long running time: none of your programs should take more than a few seconds, even when applied to large inputs (e.g. a large picture). If your program takes more than 10 seconds, you are probably using loops where you should not.


Note that your programs will be tested on the input given on this site, as well as on some other inputs. You are encouraged to generate your own inputs, and find relevant inputs on the web.



1. Folders:

The files will be located at the account of one of the group members,

under the library cns05a, each exercise under a different subfolder.

For example, if your username is ‘student’ then the files of your first exercise will be located at:


the files of the 2nd exercise at  ~student/cns05a/2/ and so on.


2. Permissions:

The permissions of all files you submit, and their folders, should be set to 705 (using the chmod command on unix). This is important as it allows your file to be automatically copied to another location (for the testing) while preventing unwanted copying of your files.

Please remember to set permission 705 to the cns05a directory too.


3. File names:

The main file name of each exercise will be ‘main.m’ unless specified otherwise.



1. The first page should contain:

*      Exercise number, and course’s name.

*      Name, ID number and username of each group member.

*      Location of files.

*      Date. In case of justified late submission (e.g. army service) please attach a copy of a relevant certificate.


2. The second page should contain:

A short description of your program, including main files, functions and variables (usually half a page suffices).


3. Any other parts of your report should appear from page 3 on. Please write in Hebrew.


4. Please do NOT print the source-code.


5. Please print black and white whenever possible, double sided, minimal font size 14, minimal line spacing 1.5 .


6. Please staple the pages of your report. There is no need to place them in plastic folders or bags.


7. When writing your report keep in mind that this is not a course in Matlab programming. The programs you write should work fast and correctly, but they are only a tool for testing models.






Due date

Input and/or Output files






Your exercise was tested on this input too: Example





Samples from the web




Samples for the stereo assignment

Samples for the detect/identify assignment

Your exercise was tested on these inputs: