Introduction to Computer-Science (Fall 2000-1)

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Instructor: Irit Dinur
Thrusday 14:00-17:00, Orenstein 102
T.A.: Ido Tsameret
A complete C/C++ compiler called DJGPP can be downloaded here. Alternatively it can be obtained by getting the free CD supplied by the system-group of our school (the school of mathematical sciences).
NOTE: to run the compiler, enter (easy guess, n'est pas?):

The course will focus on the C programming language.
The main textbook used in the course: A Book on C---3rd or 4th Edition, by Kelley and Pohl. The book is at its 4th edition, but for all the course's purposes the 3rd edition is as good.
The final grade will be determined by your assignments grade (25%) and the final exam (75%).
It is mandatory to submit all of the exercises.

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